Big Blast Target Inflator

Charlie Allens Big Blast Target Inflator


'EXPLODING' Archery Targets FUN stuff !!


Make some noise.. make a lot of NOISE.. HAVE A BLAST !!

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The NEW VERSION of Big Blast Target Inflator is here!!
... and it's Perfect!   NO MORE LOST VALVES!

A reusable premium rubber valve installed in a custom designed heavy duty cola cap that is used to pressurize bottles for target shooting or just making noise.  The greatest reactive plinking target ever !!

So easy to use - Just screw the cap on a cola bottle, attach a string to make certain the cap cannot get lost, PUMP it UP and Shoot it.

Watch this video to see How To Use:

Jörg checkes the Big Blasts:


Cap/Valve assembles that fit all cola bottles (except 3-liter) and also fit water bottles that have tall colored caps, i.e. Dasani, Aquafina, Evian, etc.

To inflate use a bike pump with a built-in gauge or a compressor.  90-110 psi for 2-Liter bottles,  
smaller bottles can take much more. 

Try this with your megaboom:

Are they Dangerous?  Here's a great demo of  how quickly the compressed air dissipates (but please don't risk getting cut the way this fellow is):           

12-oz PET Bottle Burst Test: 

Caps and valves can be used over and over.

Loads of fun... give it a try!

Is it a Bottle Bomb?   NO.
Bottle Bomb --
"[any] sealed device containing dry ice or other chemically reactive substances assembled for the purpose of causing an explosion by a chemical reaction." 
These bottles contain only compressed air, legally they're just high pressure balloons.

Gotta' Drone? Check this out:

Complete Instructions and Usage Tips included with each order

2-Liter PET bottles are safety tested at the "industry standard" 150 psi but the bottles we use are not brand new and may have hidden damage.
If the bottle has been scratched, gouged,  kinked or damaged in any way it may rupture at lower pressures causing property damage and personal injury. Use heavy gloves and eye protection and place a heavy bath towel over the bottle while inflating when pumping it up and handling the pressurized bottle. NEVER put any flammable gases or flammable liquid or projectiles in the bottle. Never Remove Cap While Bottle Is Pressurized. Never reuse a damaged bottle cap. Inflation over 90 psi may damage the valve and/or cause unintended rupture.  Stand back at least 30 feet when shooting.

Never let children near a pressurized bottle!

What’s in the package?
6 Custom Bottle Caps with installed inflation valves (fit all soda pop bottles except 3-liter)
1 Sports ball inflation needle
1 Instruction sheet

Please note that these items ship in a sealed poly bag with no Retail Packaging.