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Rubber and pouches are wearing parts such as tires and brakes on the car.
We manufacture our bandsets and tubesets only from top quality materials. Original Theraband even imported natural latex of the Hygenic Corporation USA (Theraband manufacturer), original Dankungtubes, selected leather and genuine saddler yarn. Our flatbands and pouches be cut with a 30 t (33 tons) punch. The perfect cut edges make them more durable than hand-cut rubber.
We offer three different types of latex rubber. Theraband Gold (TBG, 0.67 mm thick),
Natural Latex .030 "(0.76 mm thick) and natural latex .040" (1 mm thick).

We manufacture looped tubesets from original Dankung tube rubber in three different strengths:
Standard 2040, Advance 1842, Strong 1745. All strengths are available in three different lengths: 34.6 cm, 39 cm and 43.6 cm.

Tubes are more durable, robust and less light-sensitive than flat bands. Tapered bands are more susceptible than straight-cut bands, but develop a better shot dynamics.

Theraband-Gold is the strongest Physiotherapy latex band on the market. It is almost as strong as natural latex .030 ", but is more durable and less light-sensitive. Natural latex has a higher density and therefore has a somewhat higher energy potential.