Helmut safety clothed in exemplary manner.
Helmut safety clothed in exemplary manner.

Helmut Nattler

Head of Sales



The Slingshot Channel Store - Who We Are

The Slingshot Channel Store is a partnership between Helmut Nattler and Jörg Sprave.
Helmut and Jörg have been friends for a long time, even though in 2010, Jörg moved down to the rural South of Germany and Helmut still lives in the densely populated "Ruhrgebiet" close to the Dutch border. Helmut witnessed the rise of The Slingshot Channel, starting as a weird little hobby of Jörg, eventually developing into a fully developed obsession and finally becoming one of the most successful weapon/technology themed YouTube channels worldwide. 
When Jörg mentioned to him that the number one question his fans were asking was "Where can I buy your slingshots", and further elaborated that he had no time to run a business, Helmut saw his chance. He was looking for a change in his career anyway, and this seemed perfect. The friends met and talked about ways to mass produce a slingshot the world had not seen before. Designed for performance, a weapon rather than a toy, not a piece of beauty, but a tool that gets the job done every time - a quality product at a reasonable price. 
After five years of constant trial and error (Jörg has a veritable mountain of home made slingshot models in his basement), the sculpted shape of the perfect slingshot was there. But how to produce it? Turns out that making it from wood takes many hours, and even though there are cool robots these days it simply is too expensive. Even if you go to low wage countries it costs too much. The friends looked at aluminum casting - but the material is too expensive. At one point the whole enterprise seemed doomed. 
But at last, a solution was found. Injection molding! This process requires a serious investment in the construction and manufacturing of the tool, but then the costs per piece are quite reasonable. The friends decided to invest the money. Jörg designed a slingshot that he believes is his best design ever, the Rambone, specifically for the new fiber glass reinforced plastics, and insisted that in order to stay loyal to his fan base, the 3D .stl files plus templates have to be published so those who prefer to make the Rambone at home can do that easily. 
When Jörg visited his friend Nathan Masters, owner of Simple Shot, North Carolina, Nathan immediately fell in love with the Rambone and decided that he wanted to sell the product in North America. Likewise, The Slingshot Channel Store sells Nathans's great "Scout" product in Europe. A truly wonderful business partnership was founded. We all know it will last a lifetime. 
The Rambone was officially introduced at the 24th of November, 2013 - world, here we come!

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