New 2ndary Rambone Test Protocol in place


From Dec. 10th onwards, each and every Rambone we ship will go through a secondary in-house testing procedure for the safety of our customers. 


We feel this additional test is necessary as a customer recently reported a broken off fork arm. We have asked him to urgently send back the product as we would like to investigate the case, but at this point we feel we need to be 100% sure that no product leaves our store that isn't totally safe. 


Each Rambone is always carefully inspected in the factory, but now we need to be 100% certain. That is why we have developed an additional in-house test method, under realistic conditions, testing every fork arm with four times the draw force our strongest bands have at full extension. After a Rambone has passed that test, we attach a sticker to it. 


No Rambone leaves our shop without that sticker now. If you have received or will receive a Rambone without that sticker, we would like to ask you to send us the product back so we can test it as well, for your safety. We promise to return it to you as soon as at all possible, complete with the sticker. This is of course free of charge for you. 




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Slingshotchannel Store is the exclusive supplier of the Scout Slingshot in Europe.


Simple Shot is the exclusive supplier of the Rambone in North America.

SUTTER Scope 3-12x40 d=25,4 MD inclusiv 11mm Mounts

with mil dot reticle


Zoom 3 to 12 fold
Lens diameter: 40mm
Center Tube: 25.4mm (1 "inch)
Mil dot reticle
Optimal eye distance: 75 and 95 mm
Measurements: 314x58x58mm
Weight: 390g

  • 0,8 kg
  • sold out / leider ausverkauft / agotado
The Scout Gen2 - Black Widow

including black FlipClips and .030" Natural Latex single bandset straight

  • 0,2 kg
  • sold out / leider ausverkauft / agotado